GBH-Music, 333506
3 CD  
German compilation including three already available releases. The first disc is Light My Fire, the second disc is Greatest Hits Vol 2, and the third disc is Greatest Hits Vol 3. All three discs are Duchesse releases, repackaged under the GBH-Music label. Comes in a paper 3 CD box. Hard core collectors only.  
Disc One
  1. Light My Fire
  2. Break on Through
  3. Soul Kitchen
  4. The Crystal Ship
  5. Twentieth Century Fox
  6. Alabama Song
  7. Backdoor Man
  8. I Looked at You
  9. End of the Night
  10. Take It As Comes
  11. The End
Disc Two
  1. Hello, I Love You
  2. People Are Strange
  3. The Unknown Soldier
  4. My Wild Love
  5. Summer's Almost Gone
  6. Five To One
  7. Strange Days
  8. Horse Latitudes
  9. Love Me Two Times
  10. Moonlight Drive
  11. My Eyes Have Seen You
  12. Wintertime Love
  13. Spanish Caravan
  14. You're Lost Little Girl
  15. Not To Touch The Earth
  16. We Could Be So Good Together
Disc Three
  1. Touch Me
  2. Shaman's Blues
  3. The Soft Parade
  4. Wishful Sinful
  5. Love Street
  6. I Can't See Your Face In My Mind
  7. Unhappy Girl
  8. Easy Ride
  9. Runnin' Blue
  10. Yes, The River Knows
  11. Wild Child
  12. Do It
  13. Tell All the People
  14. When The Music's Over
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