Hints for Searching:
  1. When searching for an item, try using one of the keywords below:
    CD, CD-r, CD-rom, LP, EP, 45p, 33p, Box Set, Cassette, 8-track, or Reel to Reel.
    Hard Cover, Paperback, Sheet Music, Essay, Spiral Bound, Leather Bound, or Photocopy.
    VHS, PAL, Laser Disc, Beta, DVD, VCD, 16mm, or 8mm
    16, Billboard, Cash Box, Circus, Creem, Rock & Folk
  2. Do not try to search in books or magazines for songs, it won't work.
  3. Dates are in the US format, month/day/year. There are rare circumstances where the day is actually used. Using strictly a four digit year is your best choice.
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